• Where do I find the prices of the EPFL Career Center services? For the publication of job offers, you can find the prices on our job board Epfl-gethired. Otherwise, the prices of all our services are listed here.

  • How do I publish a job ad? You can post your job offers on our job board Epfl-gethired. You first need to create an account and then to login. Please follow the below steps:
    1. Create an account by clicking on employer sign up and then login OR login directly if you already have an account.
    2. Go to “Jobs” and then “Manage my jobs” on the top menu. Click on “Create a new job”.
    3. Once created, we will review your job advert and publish it within no more than one working day. It will be online during 30 days.
    4. The students and young graduates will contact you directly, according to what is mentioned in your job offer.
  • How long will it take before my job advert will be live? After you have created and bought your job offer, we will review it and release it within no more than one working day.

  • Can I extend the length of my job advert? Yes, you can. Once your job offer is offline, you can login, go to “jobs/manage my jobs” and click on “archives (inactive/offline) jobs”. If you click on “Activate” next to the desired job offer, you can buy another 30 days publication.

  • After I created my account, do I need to fill in my company profile? We recommend you to do so as this information is visible when the students click on your online job offers. To fill in your company profile please login, go to “my start page” on the top menu and click on “manage my company profile”.

  • What are the benefits of buying an extended company profile? The benefits are that you can share with our students additional information like what is important to you, which key competencies you are looking for, which master programs you are interested in. You can also post some videos and add some further documents. This information will be visible on your online job offers.


  • Do I have to use a logo? You do not have to, but your job ad is better presented in the overview if you have one.
  • What is the size of the background image / key visual? The pictures adapt to the screen size, but a good size according to experience is 1200x330 pixels


  • How do I promote an event on your platform? You need to login to EPFLcareer. Then you go to “events” in the top menu and “manage my events” (or you go to “My start page”). You click on “create my event”. Once you have created it we will review it and if we approve it, the event will be published within one working day and displayed on the events page.

  • How long will my event be published? The event will be activated until the time of the event. If the registration period expires earlier and you want to remove the advertisement, you can do so via your account.