Being a student and becoming a successful leader means going beyond the classical academic journey and getting ready for complex challenges of the future. Here at EPFL we recognize that success isn't only determined by your major or the grades you achieve. The landscape of the 21st-century workplace is evolving, and our society needs new talents that will excel in transversal skills - competencies that go beyond and across your discipline and your future profession. 

Transversal skills, often known as soft skills or transferable skills, encompass a range of capabilities from problem solving to effective communication, knowing yourself to collaboration. These are the skills that will empower you to navigate diverse environments, work across disciplines, thrive in any professional role you choose and live a personal life that fulfils you.

This platform is here to introduce and guide you through the training offer provided to you on EPFL campus. We hope you will discover different ways how these skills can be woven into your university experience and how they'll provide an invaluable edge as you step into the world beyond the classroom.


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The catalogue of training offers regroups the transversal skills training provided by EPFL centers and services and will be expanded to meet your needs. Please check in here regularly to see the new opportunities tailored to your interests and level.