EPFL trains top engineers in the fields of science and technology. We seek to encourage in our students a sense of responsibility, a spirit of initiative and inquiry and an ability to solve problems. EPFL’s Career Center provides a range of services to employers interested in increasing their visibility with and in hiring our graduates. This includes:

We email your job advert to targeted graduating students and recent graduates, i.e. students who will complete their studies in the current semester or have done so in the previous one. We can also add soon-to-graduate PhD students and PhDs who graduated in the last 6 months on request, at no extra charge. Here is a sample of the standard mail template we use. If you wish to order a Mailshot, please login to Epflcareer.ch or create an account if you don’t already have one. You can then use this link or order it easily from your start page.

Job offers can be posted on epfl-gethired.ch, EPFL’s online job board. This is an ideal way to attract experienced EPFL engineers/architects and recent graduates alike. We also offer to simultaneously publish your ad on ETHZ’s job board, for a reduced fee. Moreover, all job offers posted on epfl-gethired.ch are republished in a weekly digest on the discussion board of EPFL Alumni’s group on LinkedIn, which currently has more than 10 000 members. Payment is on account (by invoice), so no credit card is necessary.

Our Master's students must complete a mandatory industry internship as part of their curriculum. We welcome internship offers on our dedicated internship portal if their duration does not exceed 6 months and the dates are compatible with our academic calendar. Publication of an offer on the internship portal is free of charge, but it is conditional on the relevance of the internship's content. Master students concerned by your offers will see them directly in their EPFL student profile, so your offers will enjoy a very high visibility.
If your internship offers are not compatible with the above criteria, you can of course publish them on the Job Board (see above), but for a fee.

Are you running a career-related event that you would like our students to know? You can now announce it on epflcareer.ch, EPFL's online career platform used by our students and graduates. Log into your employer account (or sign-up for one if you don't have one yet) and chose "Promote a new event" under "Events" on the top menu. It's that easy!

We take care of all the logistics of your on-campus company presentation on the date of your choice and we promote it to our students. Also included is an online platform which allows you to interact with the audience, ask questions, run polls, play quizzes, etc . We can also organize catering if you would like to informally engage with our students after the event.

Engage with our students and graduates through a new digital experience! In partnership with Career Fairy, we offer you the chance to connect with a group of targeted students through an interactive live video broadcast. Members of your staff can share first-hand insights about their daily work and answer questions. You can simultaneously promote up to 3 current job offers to participants.

You can choose to invite EPFL-only or both EPFL and ETHZ students to participate. You will find more information here and a FAQ here

Take a peek into our Career Live Stream teaser-video here!

You select a group of students to engage with for an activity of your design. We take care of inviting them and we provide a fully-equipped meeting room or any other setting that is the most appropriate for your workshop.

A fun and unique opportunity to engage with our students! Participate in an Escape Game game with them in a state-of-the-art facility and assess their problem-solving skills, their creativity and their ability to work in a team. For further details, please click here.

On-campus recruitment starts with a company presentation, during which you will have the opportunity to present your current job or internship openings to our students. Two weeks later, your recruiters come to our campus to interview selected candidates. In the meantime, we will have dispatched your offers to our students, organized the collection of applications and the scheduling of interviews with the applicants you have short-listed. Two dedicated equipped interview rooms will be at your disposal for the Recruitment Day, or for a longer time if necessary (additional fees may apply).

In order to increase your visibility with our students, we propose a limited number of sponsorships every year . Official sponsors get a stylish plaque at the Career Center’s entrance and their logo on our website. On top of privileged visibility, sponsorships also include recruitment services. See our price list for details.

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